maanantai 11. joulukuuta 2017

Stuck In Customs: Antarctica Videos!

We’re about to launch several videos that I made while in Antarctica to Passport Members. I think you’ll really enjoy them. I’m getting started with kind of a fun one today, getting outfitted by Antarctica New Zealand in all our Emergency Conditions Weather Gear. It is NOT EASY to wear all this stuff and take photos at the same time, I assure you! I felt a bit like a space-man or something! You’ll see me up in the cockpit of the C-130 on the way in, trying to get a few decent photos!

First, here’s the new “Promo” video we made for the new Passport Members

Some favorites from Antarctica!

To celebrate some of this fun Antarctica news, here’s a few photos from the several weeks I spent there!

Approaching the Glacier

Day 1 – Survive in Antarctica

Digging In For The Winter

Mount Erebus from the Air

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